Saturn V
The Apollo Moon rocket is a huge project i 1/48 scale... I started working on this in July 2004 and there have been long periods of inactivity. The model will be built with the stages separated to show the engines, fuel tanks etc., something like the one on display at the Kennedy Space Center. Jim Gerard has a great picture of the whole rocket on display.
As my primary reference I use David Weeks' amazing scale drawings available from RealSpace Models. You can find pictures and reviews here. Besides that there are a lot of references to be found on the web. Some of the best are:
The Project Apollo Archive - huge collection of photos
The Apollo Saturn Reference Page - various special technical details
Apollo Maniacs - Japanese site
Various flight manuals with many technical drawings can be found on the web, here is the one for Apollo 8
More stuff can be found at NASA History Division and on the pages below
Each part of the Saturn V has its own page:
S-IC (completed)
S-II (completed) 
S-IVb (completed)
Instrument Unit (completed)
SLA (completed)
BPC and LES (completed)
CSM (completed)
this is me ... focusing on the details...